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Advanced Topicals: Products & Services

Advanced Topicals is a company that specializes in personal care products and sexual arousal enhancers which help to improve the quality of life for both men and women.  The company deals in patented products that are clinically proven, affordable, effective and safe. 

The main ingredient used in all the products manufactured by this company is L-Arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body.  This substance is converted into a chemical known as nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to open wider thus improving blood flow. 

Advanced Topicals products target a specific area of the body that could benefit from an increased blood flow.  All the products are safe as all the ingredients used are listed on FDA’s GRAS safe list.  They are also paralen-free thus qualifying as all natural products.  They wash off easily from the clothes and skin as they are water based.  Below are the products offered by this company.

  • Arousal™ for Men – This is a cream that offers a natural and safe way to assure male sexual performance.  It contains powerful ingredients like L-Arginine that help to improve local blood flow to the penis.  Improved blood flow leads to a strong erection.  It is ideal for men with functional difficulties and should be applied before sexual activity.
  • BreastLift™ Cream - This cream provides a safe and natural way of firming and lifting sagging breasts.  It also contains L-Arginine which helps to improve local blood flow to the breasts.  After application of this product on the breasts, the increased blood flow adds volume to them and helps them to maintain their firmness and maximal size.  Changes can be felt within 30 minutes after applying this product.  Using this product daily increases its effectiveness.       
  • HairGrow™ - This natural product strengthens, thickens and makes the hair longer. Since hair grows slowly generally, results are noticeable within 2 to 3 months depending on how fast your hair grows. This product is ideal for those with thin hair and those who would like longer hair.
  • Sensation™ for Women -  This natural and safe cream ensures optimal female sexual satisfaction.  This product contains ingredients that increase blood flow into the genital tissue especially the g-spot area and the clitoris.  This arouses the woman’s sexual desire and enables her to reach orgasm naturally, easily and quickly.

Advanced Topicals also has an affiliate program for those who would like to sell their products.  The company has teamed up with ShareASale, a reputable company that helps companies to handle affiliate programs efficiently.  Affiliates are paid generous commissions of 15% for orders of more than $30.

Advanced Topicals: Company Background

Advanced Topicals is owned by Advanced Topicals, LLC.  This company was registered as a limited liability company in Florida on 15th August, 2012.  This means that this company has been around for about 2 months and 3 weeks.  The offices of the company are located at Boca Raton, Florida.  The manager of the company is known as Bill Swartz.

The email address of this company is  The company is hosted on a public IP address which is currently hosted by  The server is hosted a Scottsdale, United States.

Advanced Topicals: Customer Feedback & Reviews

It was not possible to get any customer feedback about Advanced Topicals products.  This is because there were no consumer comments or consumer reports online.  This company has been online for only 2 full months and may be customers are still testing the products and are waiting for results before they can give a feedback

Advanced Topicals: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Advanced Topicals does not have a rating or an accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  BBB is an organization that rates the business credibility of businesses in order to boost consumer confidence.  It seems like since this company is quite new, it is yet to register with the BBB.

The company does not seem to have any awards, certifications, associations or accreditation.  This company's products are displayed and described at eBay.  However, none of the products have been sold through eBay. 

Advanced Topicals: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Advanced Topicals is not doing very badly in terms of website popularity considering that the company is new online.  Alexa has given it a traffic rank of 4,755,220 out of the 30 million domains in the world.  The estimated percentage of global internet users who visit this site in 3 months is 0.000018%.  The estimated percentage of global pageviews on this site in 3 months is 0.0000004%.  Compete has not given this website a traffic rank.

There are no sites linking into this website and Google has given it the lowest pagerank of 0 out of 10.

Advanced Topicals: Social Media Presence

Advanced Topicals is missing from all the leading social media networking sites.  For instance, they do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest page.  They also are missing on You Tube and Amazon.

This company does not operate a blog.  However, they do have a newsletter which customers can signup for. The lack of social media presence could explain why nobody has reviewed or given a feedback on the products of this company.

Advanced Topicals: Website Security & Safety

Advanced Topicals website is quite secure.  The company keeps all its customers’ personal information private and secure.  The website uses a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information of the customers.  The servers of the website also protect personal information as they use advanced fire wall technology and encryption techniques.  As a result, credit card fraud is prevented.

Google has also listed this website as secure.  This is because the website has not functioned as an intermediary for the infection of other websites and has not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days.  The link to this Google diagnostic test is

Advanced Topicals: Pricing & Packages

Advanced Topicals sells a range of personal care and sexual enhancement products.  Below are the prices of the top-level packages of this company.

This company sells its products at competitive prices that compare very well with what competitors selling similar products charge.  Below is a brief comparison of prices.

  • Target Lotion Penis Enhancement - $19.95
  • Venus Breast Enhancement - $39.00
  • Hair Grow Natural Hair Growth Restorer - $34.00
  • Female Rx Oil - $17.15
Advanced Topicals: Shipping Rates & Policies

Advanced Topicals ships products to customers in all parts of the world.  This company always tries to ship orders on time.  For instance, orders received before 5.00 pm are usually shipped on the same day provided that the product ordered is in stock.  Orders received after 5.00 pm are shipped on the next business day.  The company does not process or ship orders on Saturdays and Sundays unless there is a prior arrangement.

This company mainly uses USPS First Class Mail to deliver orders to the USA.  USPS International First Class Mail is used to deliver international orders.  Delivery time and shipping charges may differ depending on the destination.  Below are the shipping charges for USA and international orders.

  • USPS First Class Mail (USA only) - $3.99
  • USPS International First Class Mail (international orders) - $9.95

The company reserves the right to accept or decline orders for any reason.  It also has the right to supply less than the quantity ordered.  Products that are out of order are shipped when they become available.  You are only charged for products contained in a given shipment plus any applicable shipping charges.  The company keeps you updated on products that are unavailable for immediate shipment.  You can cancel an order at any time prior to shipment.

Advanced Topicals: Payment Methods Accepted

Advanced Topicals accepts a number of payment methods on its secure checkout section.  For instance, it accepts use of PayPal which is one of the easiest and efficient methods of making online purchases.

The company also accepts alternative payment methods such as use of major credits cards like:

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

Company checks, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders in U.S. dollars only are also accepted by this company.  A $25 fee is usually charged on all returned checks.

Advanced Topicals: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Advanced Topicals does not have a money-back guarantee.  However, they do accept products returned due to workmanship or manufacturing defects.  They also accept returns due to fulfillment mistakes that result in shipment of incorrect products.  Goods should be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase to qualify for exchange.

After the returned goods are received and accepted by the company, the correct goods are shipped to the customer.  There is nothing to show whether this company honors its return/refund policy or whether it does not.

Advanced Topicals: Product images & screenshots
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